Funding Your Study in the UK


So you have been finally accepted to your dream study program in the UK. That sounds great! You are in total ecstasy, and you start thinking about your trip. Then you start planning about the trip and part of it is to anticipate the costs entailed.

Where do you get the funds for your travel? How much should you bring? What are your options?


There are scholarship grants and loans that are being offered to students. However, there are also alternative funding sources you can check out to supplement the funds you will be using abroad. And one that is becoming popular is crowdfunding.

What makes crowdfunding popular is that anyone can launch a fundraising page on the internet. You can easily create your very own campaign to share with your family and friends to start gathering donations. There are many platforms on the internet that offer online fundraising, ranging from creative projects ( to medical needs (

But one specific crowdfunding platform for students who want to study abroad is FundMyTravel ( FundMyTravel was built and developed for individuals who want to make meaningful experiences overseas. The goal of FundMyTravel is to provide better access to financial sources to people so they can travel abroad. There is a huge value on studying abroad - personally and professionally - and FundMyTravel’s goal is to help students grab that opportunity to develop life-changing skills while studying abroad.

FundMyTravel Features

Through a unique set of features, you can create a customizable campaign page highlighting your destination, your purpose of travel and how much the trip would cost you. You can also put in a more elaborate description of your travel and an itemized breakdown of your expenses. This is immensely helpful to your donors so they would be aware on where the money will be spent on.

FundMyTravel also boasts of social media sharing tools so it would be easier for the campaigners to share the page to their network of family and friends. This is extremely helpful as social media plays a major part in the success of online fundraising - posting your page on Facebook, tweeting your campaign on Twitter and sending out personalized emails to your family are sure ways to reach your total goal within your campaign period.

You can also easily link your payment processor to your campaign page, where all the donations will be sent to in real time. With the help of WePay and PayPal, donating to your campaign page has been made easier and more efficient for your donors and you.

Skills You Develop

Fundraising may sound like it’s easy, however, it’s actually the opposite. One big mistake that people regard as truth, is the belief that just by launching a fundraising, you will immediately start receiving donations for your campaign. While it is true that your campaign story (and how it will move your donors) plays a part on the success of your fundraising, you also need to exert more effort to gain a better momentum in gathering funds for your campaign.

You need to work on making the campaign a success and that involves communicating well with your potential donors, social media management and putting more hardwork with your fundraising endeavors.

Online fundraising may seem easy from afar, but you need determination and hardwork to make it successful. Don’t worry, FundMyTravel is here every step of the way. Start fundraising for your studies in the UK.

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