Most students mix only with people from similar backgrounds. But should universities do more to encourage integration?


Victoria Ngow is an electrical engineering student at Sheffield Unviersity.  In a blog written for The Guardian (April 11, 2013) she asks: “Have you ever lived with a “Chinese phantom” in student halls?” She goes on to explain that “according to, these phantoms are usually (but not necessarily) Asian and they “don’t socialise apart […]


What is it like to be an international student? Universities are eager to accept our fees – but are they doing enough to support young people who come from far away to study in the UK?


According to Shreya Paudel, currently the International Students Officer of the NUS, writing in The Guardian (September 12, 2013), the international student body, which contributes £8bn a year to the UK economy, is made up of the sons and daughters of elite families, as well as those of poor parents who scrimped and saved to […]