Ghostwriting: Time for universities to call Ghostbusters?Photograph: Allstar/Cinetext/COLUMBIA:  The Guardian

Is academic ghostwriting haunting higher education? How ethical is it for students to pay agencies to write their essays? Is there anything universities can do to detect and stop it?


Julia Molinari is a PhD researcher and EAP tutor at Nottingham University.  In an article in The Guardian (April 3, 2014) she talks about academic ghostwriting and how it has come to haunt higher education institutions in the UK. All you have to do is to google “academic proofreading” and you will see a list of […]


Are proofreading agencies filling the academic support gap missing from UK universities?


Claire Shaw is deputy editor of the Guardian Higher Education Network.  In an article in The Guardian (April 9, 1014) she writes about the issue of proofreading agencies and plagarism in higher education in the UK.  She notes that international students are paying for their work to be proofread, edited and, in some cases, written […]