'International students contribute £14bn a year to the economy, according to Migration Matters. But last year their numbers plummeted from 239,000 to 197,000 – this alone would cost the economy £725m.' Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images: The Guardian

International students feel they are being picked on


Zoha Tapia is an international student and freelance reporter for the Times of India.  In an article written for The Guardian (September 30, 2013), she says that a strict monitoring system may stop overseas students coming to the UK.  She says that talking tough on immigration may please the Tories but it could damage Britain. ‘International students […]


Do universities do enough to welcome international students?


Claire Shaw is deputy editor of The Guardian Higher Education Network.  In an article for The Guardian (September 11, 2013), she says that international students sometmes feel isolated from the university community and asks if universities can do more to make them feel more welcome. Starting university can be a stressful time for many students – […]