Welcome to the ISNUK community!

Welcome To the ISNUK Community

Hello and welcome to ISNUK!

We hope you like our new site and not only enjoy browsing the various sections, but also take the time to contribute. Before you can contribute however, you will have to become a member.

There is Free Membership and Premium Membership.  Premium Membership is currently set at £20.  By becoming a Premium Member you will also be eligible to participate in our affiliate scheme and start earning cash every time someone you recommend signs up as a member too. You will earn 5% of the membership fee (or £1) for every membership that results from your introduction. In other words, if you introduce 20 people to ISNUK and they all become members of ISNUK, you will earn £20 thereby getting back your own membership fee.  Any amount you earn above this, will be profit for you! If you would like to participate in our affiliate scheme, make sure you sign up by visiting our affiliate scheme page.

Let me tell you more about the other benefits of ISNUK membership.

Those of you who decide to become members of ISNUK will also have the opportunity to participate in our competitions and win prizes.  ISNUK members will be eligible to apply for the ISNUK Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants. These will be awarded throughout the year depending on the number of members - the more members there are, the more often the Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants will be awarded and the higher the amount awarded. So become a Premium Member NOW and get your friends to become Premium Members too!

ISNUK Premium Members will also have access to exclusive discounts that have been negotiated just for Premium Members.  As an ISNUK Premium Member you will be able to buy the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which offers over 140,000 discounts worldwide, at a reduced cost.  Furthermore, you will be eligible for reduced fees at collaborating educational institutions and our other services especially for Premium Members.

ISNUK is working with a number of organisations to provide Premium Members with a variety of internships along with mentoring and coaching.  ISNUK is also providing English language services, concierge services and application support for those who need help applying to a UK institution.

ISNUK is also offering study support for undergraduate and graduate students, along with proofreading/editing and mind/memory training - but again, these services are available only to Premium Members.

ISNUK's 'forum' is your space where all members (Free and Premium) to exchange information with other students and discuss issues that you need help with or simply feel like discussing!   We trust that you will be respectful of this space.  It will be monitored and any disrespectful items will be taken down.

The 'stories' platform is where you can share your experiences of living and studying in the UK. Like the forum, it is open to all members (Free and Premium). Please do share your experiences as they can help other students who are already in the UK or are thinking of coming to the UK to study. You can submit as many stories as you want!

Finally, ISNUK is supporting a number of initiatives.  These include: the Global Citizen Project, Leadership Programme and Entrepreneurship Training. Along with these, ISNUK will be organising an annual International Students Festival, a celebration of culture, which you can actively participate in.  Furthermore, ISNUK has also developed a Hall of Fame to recognise the achievements of international student alumni.   Another initiative that ISNUK is proud to be supporting is Kiron University, a free online university for refugees.

Please feel free to contact us to give us your suggestions or feedback on the site. And please don't forget to 'like' us on Facebook.

If you would like to be more involved in ISNUK, you can apply to be a member of the Board of Advisors or an Ambassador.  You will have to be a member of ISNUK to apply for either of these.

All of us on the ISNUK Executive Committee and Board of Advisors, wish you success in your studies and an enjoyable time in the UK.  We at ISNUK are here to make that time as stressful and as welcoming as possible.

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