Sir James Dyson.  Photograph: Adrian Sherratt/Rex/The Guardian

Theresa May's plan to expel foreign students attacked by Sir James Dyson

04-01-2015 by The Guardian

One of Britain’s most prominent inventors and business leaders, Sir James Dyson, has described Theresa May’s plan to expel international students after graduation as a short-term vote winner. He believes that May's plan will harm the economy by the UK losing valuable ideas from the brightest minds from around the world. “Our borders must remain open to the world’s best,” he writes in the Guardian.
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Theresa May admits that the government is unlikely to meet its immigration target. Photo: The Guardian

Visa crackdown backed by Theresa May

21-12-2014 by BBC News

Theresa May is backing a plan that would require foreign students to leave the country after they graduate. May believes that the current rules are being abused since many students stay in the country illegally after their studies. May's proposal is being considered for the next Conservative Party manifesto. Labour opposes that plan as foreign students bring "billions of investments" into Britain.
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Photograph:  BBC News

Lord Karan Bilimoria Speaks Out on 'Good Immigration'

28-11-2014 by BBC News

The big issue driving UK politics seems to be immigration. The argument will only be fuelled after this week's net migration figures. But Lord Karan Bilimoria, the recently installed Chancellor of the University of Birmingham - the Indian-born founder of the Cobra Beer empire - says that there is such a thing as "good immigration". Bilimoria believes that David Cameron had made a "big mistake".
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Visa Problems result in International Graduate Entrepreneurs shunning the UK

27-11-2014 by Times Higher Education

A new study has revealed that the UK is being shun by international graduate entrepreneurs as a business destination because of “impossible visa restrictions”. The study was written in partnership with The Entrepreneurs Network thinktank. It appears amid growing concerns that international students are choosing to study in the US or Australia.
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Edinburgh University wants 50 per cent of its students to come from outside the UK. Photograph: The Telegraph

Half of university top places 'to go to foreign students'

23-11-2014 by The Telegraph

Edinburgh University, one of Britain’s leading universities, says it wants to see 50 per cent of places go to students from outside the UK. Figures show that institutions are increasingly reliant on foreign fees. This will mean that the number of British students being admitted will effectively be limited to 50 per cent. There is a major drive to recruit foreign talent.
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Universities have been lobbying for a change in student visa rules

Employers condemn visa rules

23-10-2014 by BBC News

Some MPs have been condemned of "cheap and pathetic gestures" in their approach to student visas. The director-general of the Institute of Directors, Simon Walker, said he was "appalled" by how overseas students had been caught up in targets for reducing immigration into the UK. He added that univesities were "victims of political point-scoring".
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Over 90 students removed over visa crackdown

14-10-2014 by The Pie News

A staggering 50 UK private colleges have had their licences allowing them to recruit international students revoked and almost 100 bogus students have been removed from the country as part of an ongoing Home Office investigation into exam and visa fraud. Of the 57 colleges whose Tier 4 licences were suspended in June, 46 have lost their licences.
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Cambridge denied it knew of “any link” between the Chinese government and the anonymous Chong Hua foundation belonging to Wen Ruchun (inset).  Photograph: Telegraph

Chinese donation puts Cambridge University under scrutiny

08-10-2014 by The Telegraph

According to The Telegraph, several secret meetings were held at Cambridge University with the daughter of China’s former prime minister to secure a £3.7 million donation for a university professorship. It is reported that the meetings took place between 2009 and 2011 and led to the successful solicitation of a donation from Wen Ruchun, the daughter of the then prime minister, Wen Jiabao.
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Professor Andrew Hamilton

UK's immigration policy attacked by Oxford University boss

07-10-2014 by The Independent

Oxford University's vice chancellor has agreed that new government visa controls are “hostile” to international students according to The Independent. Professor Andrew Hamilton said in his annual address to the university,: “Whenever I travel in the world, particularly in China and India, one question persists. Why has the UK adopted a visa system so hostile to student entry?”
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Oxford's vice-chancellor says he is baffled  by the UK's student visa policy

Top academic baffled by harmful UK student visa policy

07-10-2014 by BBC News

Professor Andrew Hamilton, the vice-chancellor of Oxford University, has told an audience of academics that he is baffled by the UK's policy on student visas. Professor Hamilton said that when he travelled abroad,said that he was often questioned on why the UK has adopted a visa system so hostile to student entry. Although he himself was baffled, he did his best to answer the question.
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