Iranian President Hassan Rouhani studied at Glasgow Calendonian University

The UK boasts of having one in seven country leaders who have studied here

25-09-2014 by BBC News

UK higher education boasts of having one in seven country leaders from around the world whohave studied here according, to an analysis by the British Council. This analysis shows that 27 countries have a UK-educated leader - a good measure of "soft power." These leaders range from Australian prime minister Tony Abbott to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani.
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UK Visitor Visa categories to consolidate and become more flexible

05-09-2014 by The Pie News

The UK’s Tier 4 visa system is set for more changes as the government finetunes its new Immigration Act, which is set to be announced this autumn. UKVI’s Bharat Pamnani told delegates at StudyWorld this week that the government is planning on consolidating visitor visa categories. It is also considering offering a cheaper Premium Service for smaller providers.
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Source: THES

40 institutions may be affected by tougher visa rules

04-09-2014 by The Times Higher Education

Universities may lose their licences to recruit overseas students with the 10 per cent threshold for refusal rates. Fears are growing over the toughening of government rules on visa refusal rates as it could lead to a number of universities losing their licences to recruit overseas students.There are suggestions that many are above the new 10 per cent threshold for visa application failure.
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Source: THES

Student recruitment agents sometimes commit ‘outright fraud’

03-09-2014 by The Times Higher Education

According to a recent report by the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE), 'The Agent Question: Insights from Students, Universities and Agents', there is ‘no question’ that suspect and outright fraudulent practice exists among some international agents. These agents work to recruit students on behalf of universities.
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Poll finds overwhelming public support for foreign students in the UK

26-08-2014 by The Pie News

A new study based on opinion polls has been released less than nine months before national elections in the UK. The poll shows strong public support for taking international students out of net migration figures. The report was released by the think-tank British Future and Universities UK. It shows that 59% of the public says that the government should not reduce international student numbers.
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Source: The Telegraph

More students from EU being recruited by top universities

26-08-2014 by The Telegraph

According to UCAS, there is a 13 per cent rise in the number of European students recruited to leading universities, with half of Russell Group members still advertising clearing places. These figures have revealed that recruitment from mainland Europe has increased much quicker among universities with the highest entry requirements, than admissions from the UK.
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Visa Licenses of 17 Private Colleges rescinded by Government

26-08-2014 by Education Investor

The student visa licenses of 17 private colleges have revoked by the Home Office following an investigation into English language test fraud. These colleges were among 57 private colleges and three universities suspended from the student visa system in June. This followed an investigation at the US testing firm ETS, into the falsification of English language tests for student visa applicants.
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More foreign students should be encouraged by the Government to study in the UK, says Lord Bilimoria

04-08-2014 by The Telegraph

More foreign students should be encouraged by the government to come to the UK. The Government should also make it easier for them to stay on afterwards, says Lord Bilimoria. He said that having access to the brightest and best students in the world will really help our businesses and our economy. Lord Bilimoria was himself a foreign student when he came to the UK to study.
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The British Council's GREAT scholarship program is worth INR 100 million

London gives Indian students 25 lakh rupees in scholarships every year

13-07-2014 by Student World Online

London's universities are awarding Indian students almost 25 lakh rupees (£2.5 million) in scholarships every year, new research shows. A survey of 17 universities found that almost Rs.25 lakh of scholarship money has been awarded over the last three years to Indian students who want to study in the UK capital. London is eager to maintain its academic and cultural links with India.
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From left, Ritu Kamrunnaher, Faizan Khan, Afaf Saeed and Sharour Jahan Sohel. Glyndwr sent out letters to the students in January this year saying they were being withdrawn from their accountancy course. Photograph: Teri Pengilley for The Guardian

Foreign students go to high court in a bid to complete their UK courses

08-07-2014 by The Guardian

A group of foreing students who paid £8,500 each to study in London say they are victims of failed deal between Glyndwr University and a private college. According to The Guardian, "a large group of overseas students are appealing for the right to remain in these unglamorous surroundings after the Welsh university withdrew its sponsorship of their UK study visas."
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