I must admit, leaving my home country (Latvia) was difficult. Crystal clear diamonds were falling upon my cheek. I knew it is for the best and great times will await me. First week in UK was like living on the moon as of different culture, driving habits and international society around me that was truly a big challenge for me. I humbly believe that life brings us in the right place, on right time to meet people we are meant to meet. And indeed I was surrounded by wonderful people, I could not wish for any better. Starting all my friends, university staff and some other random people. Warm-hearted people around helped me to worry less about some small daily uncertainties. But being an open-minded and kind person yourself, of course is the main key. With my new friends that I made in the UK we had a lot of joyful parties together, we travelled around and all in all we shared the moments that helped us to feel infinite and enjoy the moment of our lives, as we knew this is a short period and we must live it to the full. 

British study system was also something totally new for me, compared to my home country. Yes, I was scared at first whether I will understand what we are expected to do and if I will manage to comply with British academic English which is quite a challenge for a foreigner. Along all the fun times I spent with my friends, I managed to balance my study life for the best possible academic outcome. During my studies I was mentioned by my Senior Marketing Lecturer, who recommended me to a local historic heritage dealing with an art collection. They invited me for a placement. I accepted this opportunity that life brought me as it motivated me for further challenges and personal developments. When I successfully finished my research I decided to get involved with other Academic activities such as learning Mandarin language, volunteering, visiting guest lecturer speeches and involving myself in other academically related activities. At the end of my study semester, exactly two days before my departure, I was given an Award from my University's Vice Chancellor, for my social involvement. It might seem a small thing, but it gives you such a motivational boost and confidence in yourself, to go and get the job of your dreams or start projects you have dreamt about. It is so worth going abroad for studies, it not only opens widely you and your perceptions of life, but also it brings so many opportunities to take up and develop yourself during this truly great period of life. If you have had an idea to go and study in UK, do not let your idea disappear, you have already made a great choice!


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