At the age of 16, I made a decision that would forever change my life: I decided to leave my country, Germany, and go to boarding school on the Isle of Man (which is part of the United Kingdom). This experience has transformed my life and ever since, the UK feels like my second home.  

Soon after my time at the boarding school, I commenced my business bachelor’s degree in London at the European Business School. I was suddenly surrounded by people from all sorts of nationalities, something that will always be one of my most valuable assets. 

London has been an incredible experience. The city has so much to offer whether you are looking for interesting art galleries, crazy nights out, parks where you can go for the occasional run or career opportunities. It really isn’t a secret: London has it all, use it and make every day count. 

Of course, your studies are important, but beyond that London is also the perfect place to test your potential career paths. How good are you really in finance? Are you sure graphic design is the right thing? You love fashion… maybe that’s the right thing for you! There are plenty of meet-ups where you can talk to people that do what you imagine to do yourself. Go there and talk to people. Maybe get an internship in one of the big companies or a small startup? Its all there, all you need to do is grab it! 

I have lived in the UK for a bit longer than 5 years now and I enjoyed every year. If there is one piece of advice I could give, it’s that you should use the city to find and nurture your passion. I know, coming over here you might still not quite know what that is but there is only one way to find out: Just Do It! 


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