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Grammarly is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. It corrects up to ten times more mistakes than popular word processors. It instantly finds and corrects over 250 types of grammatical mistakes and provides context-optimized vocabulary suggestions. Grammarly also identifies plagiarism and offers corrections for it. Grammarly is being offered to Premium Members at 30% discount

Proofread My English is a high-quality, 24/7, confidential, proofreading service for international students in the UK.Proofread My English uses only experienced proofreaders who can correct your text or work with you to improve your written English up to the standard that you choose. Proofread My English is offering ISNUK Premium Members 10% discount for its proofreading and consultation services.

Lead Direct is offering this Intensive On-Line Leadership Programme at 15% discount to all ISNUK Premium Members. Extraordinary Leadership created this programme having worked with world-class clients in Europe and America, Asia and Africa. It’s been fine-tuned for five years and is now exclusively available through Lead-Direct. Make sure to use the promo code 'ISNUK' to claim your discount.

Global Nomadic provides internship placements and volunteer experiences in a range of different fields, from medicine and education, to veterinary science and journalism and many more – matching you with reputable, worthwhile organisations around the world, TEFL teaching placements and training are also available. Global Nomadic is offering ISNUK Premium Members 5% discount to its programmes.

English For You is offering a 10% discount to all ISNUK Premium Members for all its English language programmes. English For You provides a personalised service to meet all your English language needs through total language immersion with 15 to 30 hours of classes per week. Based in Merton, close to Oxford, English For You is the ideal location for you to learn English in a stimulating environment

ILSP offers a range of English language courses to help students become proficient in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. For those students who are looking to study abroad, in the UK, ILSP offers IELTS preparation, along with specialist English language programmes in Business English, Medical English and lots more. ILSP is offering Premium Members, 10% discount on all its courses.