mentored skills

ISNUK is providing mentoring and coaching through its partner organisation:


Mentor Coach Partners (MCP) is a global network of professionals whose expertise covers a wide variety of fields. These professionals have joined forces to provide custom skill development solutions for ISNUK through the signature programs of MCP - the best and most effective programmes that exist today.


MCP's programmes are specifically developed to address and solve the real-life problems which students face after graduation. MCP helps students by bridging the gap between studies and career while providing the necessary skills for for students to find their dream job or to start their own business.


MCP has teamed up with ISNUK to offer three unique programmes - FIND YOUR DREAM JOB, START YOUR OWN BUSINESS, CAREER MENTOR SCHEME - exclusively available to the ISNUK community and which give access to a professional network that is there to support you every step of the way.


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Please note that ISNUK members receive a 15% discount for participation in these exclusive programmes.  Become a member NOW to enjoy this benefit!