about isnuk

ISNUK™ is part of a global network of ISNs or International Student Networks (see below) which include: ISNUK (United Kingdom), ISNEU (mainland Europe), ISNME (Middle East), ISNAS (Asia), ISNAF (Africa), ISNUS (United States), ISNCA (Canada) and ISNAU (Australia), whose aim it is to support and unite internationally mobile students around the world.

Currently, the number of internationally mobile students in the world is about 5 million. These 5 million internationally mobile students contribute approximately £50 billion to the world's economy. This is equivalent to the national budget of Indonesia supporting a population of 250 million people! 

It is estimated that the number of internationally mobile students will rise to 8 million by the year 2025 (equivalent to the population of Switzerland) and will contribute approximately £90 billion to world's economy (equivalent to double the national budget of Switzerland). This means, that if all the internationally mobile students formed a country of their own, they would have a very wealthy country!