Global Nomadic provides internship placements and volunteer experiences in a range of different fields, from medicine and education, to veterinary science and journalism and many more – matching you with reputable, worthwhile organisations around the world, TEFL teaching placements and training are also available. Global Nomadic is offering ISNUK Premium Members 5% discount to its programmes.

English For You is offering a 10% discount to all ISNUK Premium Members for all its English language programmes. English For You provides a personalised service to meet all your English language needs through total language immersion with 15 to 30 hours of classes per week. Based in Merton, close to Oxford, English For You is the ideal location for you to learn English in a stimulating environment

ILSP offers a range of English language courses to help students become proficient in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. For those students who are looking to study abroad, in the UK, ILSP offers IELTS preparation, along with specialist English language programmes in Business English, Medical English and lots more. ILSP is offering Premium Members, 10% discount on all its courses.

Ann Little has over 30 years experience in the education sector and extensive experience working with native and non-native speakers of English. She offers personal, one-to-one tutoring, editing and proofreading services for all your university or college needs. Ann is offering ISNUK Premium Members 15% discount for all her services. Please contact ISNUK via our contact form for more information.

Speak Up London is a fully accredited English Language School located on London's Oxford Street. Speak Up London offers a wide range of group, individual and exam preparation English courses for personal, academic and career success at very competitive prices and a flexible times to suit your needs. Speak Up London is offering ISNUK Premium Members a 10% discount for all its courses and programmes

Universum University College is a higher education institution in Kosovo offering studies in Business, Economics, Social Studies and Education in partnership with UK institutions including the University of London, Glamorgan University and Chichester College. Universum University College in Kosovo is offering ISNUK Premium Members 10% discount for its tuition fees.