Premium Members of ISNUK™ can enjoy a range of general and education-related discounts.  Become a Premium Member to enjoy this benefit.



The Oxford Centre for the Mind is a leading training centre whose aim is to help people improve their intellectual, cognitive and overall mental performance. The Oxford Centre for the Mind is offering ISNUK Premium Members with a 20% discount to all of its training programmes which include: absorbing and processing information, peak performance psychology, mindfulness, brain health and lots more.

My Student Pack provides you with all the essentials you need to settle into your new home in the UK without having to worry about going out to buy your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom supplies. My Student Pack is offering ISNUK Premium Members with 10% discount on their packs. Make sure you use the discount code: ISNUKPREMIUM when purchasing from My Student Pack so that you get your 10% discount.

Mentor Coach Partners is offering Premium Members 15% discount to its programmes. Mentor Coach Partners is a global network of professionals who develop custom solutions to your skill needs to equip you to find your perfect job. They work closely with you to ensure that the focus is on your goals and objectives. Then they map their offerings to your needs and build a solution that is right for you

Start your travel adventure with STA Travel, our student/youth travel specialists.Voted Best Youth Travel Provider 2014, STA Travel is the world's largest student/youth travel company. STA Travel is offering Premium Members: 10% off Travel Insurance, up to 10% off Tours and Accommodation, up to 20% off seasonal offers.Contact STA Travel via the ISNUK/STA Travel Page to ensure you get your discount

ISIC provides you with over 130 discounts in the UK and over 170,000 discounts around the world. ISIC is accepted in over 125 countries and is therefore your passport to fantastic discounts and services in the UK and abroad. ISIC is the only internationally-recognised student ID card that is endorsed by UNESCO. ISNUK Premium Members can purchase their ISIC card for £9.99 or a discount of 16.75%.

edPeer is a peer-to-peer tutoring service where you can find a tutor for your needs or you can become a tutor and start earning an income. The edPeer platform provides you with a scheduling tool, a lesson planner and a virtual classroom. Premium members receive 15% discount when receive tutoring support with edPeer and are paid a higher fee (almost 25% more) when tutoring other edPeer students.