education for all

ISNUK™ is committed to supporting all international students achieve their education goals without discrimination of colour, religion, sex, national identity or residency status. For this reason, ISNUK™ has partnered with Kiron University to provide free, online, university education to refugees.  In the UK, refugee students are classed as international students and as such are subject to international student tuition fees. With Kiron University, refugee students will be relieved of this international tuition fee burden and for refugee students in the UK who are Premium Members of ISNUK™, there will be tuition support offered through our dedicated volunteer tutors who will guide refugee students to succeed in their studies.



ISNUK™ is looking for volunteers tutors and welcomes your donations to support this initiative.  If you would like more information about Kiron University or how you can contribute or be involved in this initiative, please contact us.