ISNUK™ is a social enterprise established to facilitate the needs of international students in the UK. Its mission is to unite, support and celebrate the achievements of all international students studying in the UK.  It fulfils this mission by:

The ISNUK™ logo stands for unity – Unity in Diversity – which is achieved through the United Colours of ISNUK™ Programme.

With over 450,000 tertiary-level international students in the UK contributing over £14 billion to the UK economy every year (and estimated to rise to £26 billion by 2025), it is imperative that all international students unite as one body, one voice, one association, one network, to take advantage of the power inherent in its collective body.


Because united, international students are a rich resource for their host country, the UK, for each other, through sharing of experiences and knowledge, and most importantly, for future employers or business partners, who are facilitated in fulfilling their employment needs by accessing a collective body.