leadership programme

ISNUK™ is committed to preparing all international students to be leaders in their community and the global society in which they must live and work.  Leadership skills are essential for all and not just for those who become Presidents or Prime Ministers.  Leadership qualities form the foundations of survival in today's global marketplace, a marketplace that has become ever so competitive.  

For international students, leadership is even more crucial as they must live and work in a foreign country or return home, to their native country, after being away for long periods and prove that their investment in study abroad has been worthwhile.  The demands on international students to be leaders therefore, are greater than for home students.  Most importantly, international students need to be able to excel in 'Cultural Intelligence'.



Cultural Intelligence is key for successful leadership in the world today and in the future.  It is what ISNUK™ will be focusing on alongside the traditional leadership training that can help ISNUK™ members excel both personally and professionally.

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