ISNUK Scholarship Fund

ISNUK, in collaboration with the ISN Foundation, has set up the ISNUK Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships, bursaries and grants to international (all non UK) students studying in or thinking of studying in the UK. The scholarships will help students with their tuition fees, the bursaries with their living expenses and the grants with emergency outlays. In return, recipients are asked to 'pay it forward' by contributing positively to the lives of other international students.

To be eligible to apply to the ISNUK Scholarship Fund, you will have to be a Premium Member of ISNUK and have paid your annual membership fee. Please go to the ISNUK membership page to become a Premium Member now. The amount of the scholarships, bursaries and grants and the number to be awarded every year will depend on the number of ISNUK Premium Members as 10% of the membership fee goes into the Scholarship Fund. The more members there are, the greater the amount and the frequency of the award. So get your friends to join ISNUK as a Premium Member NOW! 

All ISNUK Premium Members are eligible to apply and all you have to do is click on APPLY below.  You will then be contacted and and asked to tell us: (1) what your study and career goals are; (2) why you deserve the scholarship, bursary or grant; (3) how the scholarship, bursary or grant will help you with your studies, living expenses or emergency outlays; and (4) most importantly, how you intend to 'pay it forward' - that is, in return for the scholarship, bursary or grant you receive, how you intend to contribute positively to the lives of other international students (all non UK students).  Please note that applicants' participation in the ISNUK community through the various sections of this website, will also be taken into consideration.

The ISNUK community will then be called upon to vote for who should be awarded an ISNUK scholarship, bursary or grant. The ISNUK Board of Advisors will make the final decision based on the applicant's needs, achievements, aspirations, 'pay it forward' plan and participation in the ISNUK community platforms and programmes.

ISNUK is not currently accepting applications.  Please watch for an announcement for when applications will open.



Please note: Applying for an ISNUK Scholarship is restricted to members of ISNUK.
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